Opportunity Manager:
Track and manage exploration and evaluation opportunities

Flare Opportunity Manager

Opportunity Manager allows companies to track, audit and analyse exploration and development opportunities throughout their lifecycle. Flare’s Opportunity Manager allows a company to build, manage and maintain a comprehensive record of opportunities and track them through the exploration and evaluation lifecycle. The system ensures visibility of key opportunities while maintaining rigorous security, manages risk capture and ranking, and provides auditable tracking of progression through stage gate processes.

The module allows companies to track opportunities, analyse risk, store associated documents and data and visualise opportunities on a map or summary table view. Configurable reporting and notification functionality is provided to enable accurate tracking

Key Features

  • Opportunities can be tracked over time with full audit trail, ownership and risk register
  • Key documents and data views related to each opportunity can be easily captured and managed
  • Opportunities can be displayed on a map view or linked to your existing GIS system
  • Opportunities can be graded based on strategic fit, technical and commercial criteria,
  • The solution is highly customisable to cater for specific company requirements


  • Allows the business to track and manage opportunities in a secure, consistent and efficient manner
  • Helps formalize processes, roles and responsibilities
  • Reduces the overheads associated with traditional tracking and management of opportunities
  • Allows evaluation teams to quickly chart and assess key risk factors
  • Reduces the risk of losing opportunities and missing licence-related regulatory requirements and obligations
  • Allows teams to quickly and consistently chart and assess key risk factors
  • Highlights low and high risk opportunities and facilitates high-grading
  • Tracks opportunities through the stage gate process and manages associated documentation for immediate reference or future lookback
  • Configurable security ensures that only authorized individuals have access to opportunity data and documents

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