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Flare’s Sirus platform leverages underlying components to integrate with other systems.  This simplifies the integration effort and maximises the value of already tagged and catalogued content without impacting search performance.

Adaptors and configuration already exists for popular Electronic Document Management Systems, e.g. SharePoint, Documentum and Livelink.  The system can easily connect to ESRI based ArcGIS services.  Oracle adaptors can be configured to read Oracle-based application data sets.

The Sirus API also provides a means of integrating directly with Sirus components.

All of this leads to a lower total cost of ownership and empowers IM departments to leverage existing information assets.

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We can provide cloud services or place servers in-house, or deliver a hybrid, dependent on client IT requirements.

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ArcGIS is a trademark, service mark, or registered trademark or service mark of Esri in the United States, the European Community, or certain other jurisdictions.

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