The ability to track actions for multiple projects, across portfolios and programs is a complex problem that few systems address well.

Flare Actions

Rather than focusing on a project-based approach, Flare has done things differently, creating a web-based, enterprise-wide Actions Register. This means that any user working on multiple projects can view their actions across multiple projects, any manager wanting to obtain an overview of any or all projects can do so with ease, and multiple projects can use the same method to capture and disseminate actions with minimal training. Of course, you can focus a lens on any particular project and take a traditional view of actions for that project.

The Actions Register is also utilised by Flare’s Sirus as a method of capturing actions in context, linking to other elements of the system.
Key Features

  • Easily raise, assign and prioritise actions
  • Define workflows to complete and close actions
  • View actions across multiple portfolios and projects
  • Focus a lens on project, team and individual actions and priorities
  • Integrate seamlessly with SharePoint and other EDMS systems
  • View actions via web browser, mobile and SharePoint interfaces
  • Fully integrated with Flare’s Sirus platform
  • Links with incidents, lessons, risks and notifications
  • Enterprise-wide search


  • Efficient method for capturing and tracking actions across multiple projects
  • Notifications ensure actions never get forgotten
  • Workflow ensures a level of assurance
  • Easy to balance workload between disparate teams and individuals


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