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Trusted Advisors to the Industry

Flare has earned a reputation for providing trusted Information Management advice to the energy industry. We have expertise across the E&P value chain that can help you to gain the maximum value from your projects and initiatives.

Information Management Framework, Design & Development

For almost two decades, Flare has been providing thought leadership in E&P Information Management, working with leading industry players to develop IM strategy, deploy effective solutions and implement operational services.
This experience is distilled in the Flare Information Management Framework which describes the core operating model for successful IM.

  • The Framework maps the core Functions that IM must provide to an Operating Model that identifies the components that must be in place to deliver an effective Information Management Service.
  • Each component is populated with Flare Best Practices for Information Management.
  • The Framework is consistent with the DAMA DMBOK & the CMMI Data Management Maturity Model, but leverages Flare’s unrivalled experience of E&P Information Management to define a model that is tuned to the needs of the industry.

Information Management Strategy

We build Information Management strategies, working with you to achieve your specific business goals. An IM strategy will provide focus and direction for IM in your company and will allow you to create roadmaps, budgets and, more importantly, the business case for change. We ensure that any new strategy is specific to your circumstances, with regards to type and size of operations, what you are trying to achieve and particular business drivers and goals.

Process Improvement & Standards Development

Providing a consistent approach to the management of information helps ensure better quality data, lowers data management overhead and makes data integration much easier. Flare have developed standards & guidelines that incorporate both industry and company best practice and can provide consistency for information & data types across your business.

Information Management for Decommissioning

Provision of reliable, up-to-date information about the well or facility is a critical essential element of any asset decommissioning program. Then, as decommissioning proceeds, additional information such as regulatory documentation, status reports and risk assessments need to be effectively managed.
Flare’s holistic approach to information management has been designed to organise, visualise, find and distribute critical E&P information in a rigorous and cost efficient way. Our extensive experience and proven methodologies will help you:

  • Improve efficiency of decommissioning projects by providing access to the essential data and information needed
  • Reduce risk through up-front information assessment, gap analysis and remediation
  • Manage the process by tracking information creation associated with the decommissioning project stages
  • Assure regulatory compliance by tracking information delivery to authorities