Flare connects your organisation with its Information

Flare was founded in 1998 to address the needs of the global oil and gas industry. We operate as a virtual team with staff based in UK, USA and Canada. Our focus is Intelligent Search and Information Management and we offer a range of consulting, service and software solutions. Flare’s organizational aim and approach is to attract the best people to our business, earn the confidence of our clients and act as trusted advisors and proficient deliverers of effective Information Management solutions.

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How We Work

We believe that sound Information Management can make a real difference to an E&P organization, positively impacting key business drivers such as exploration results and HSSE outcomes. Effective Information Management can bring about sustained and positive change in the way the business operates, makes decisions and manages risk.

Flare’s approach is straightforward: exploit our extensive E&P experience to identify and define the information needs of your organization, building on what exists. Then, in collaboration with your internal team, use our understanding of IM to develop approaches and deploy sustainable, fit-for-purpose solutions that deliver the best possible outcomes for the business within a realistic budget.

This unique approach allows Flare to deliver practical improvements to the business quickly, but with a strategic mindset, avoiding short term fixes and the inefficiencies of point solutions

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