Fast access to essential information when you need it

Flare Responder

The Flare Emergency Response module provides direct access to the critical data and information items that you rely on during an emergency situation. Facility emergencies require quick access to correct, current information so that effective remedial action can be taken in the shortest possible time. Flare have developed a cross-functional solution that addresses the need to access critical facility information immediately an emergency situation arises. It allows authorised users to quickly locate and access the 20-30 key data and information items that would be required in an emergency situation.

Key Features

  • Dashboard displaying 20-30 critical information items shows information availability, current status & ownership with immediate links to verified information
  • Filter facility to allow users to interrogate response information for specific assets or groups of assets
  • Ownership of response information clearly defined to ensure currency
  • Cross functional approach that integrates information from a number of domains and functions
  • Completely configurable to meet individual clients’ specifications and requirements
  • Fully backed-up and available 24/7/365
  • Accessible from desktop or mobile devices for immediate response outside of office hours
  • Processes and procedures to ensure compliance and availability


  • Allows immediate access to key data and information in the event of an emergency situation
  • Provides an intuitive portal for accessing key data and information outside of emergency situations
  • Allows the Information Management team to track compliance and data quality
  • Facilitates cross functional team collaboration, using the same information to tackle the emergency with a connected and coordinated response
  • Allows partners to collaborate and access the same information items during emergency situations


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