Why Proper Data Processing Is Key To A Successful AI Project

Why Proper Data Processing Is Key To A Successful AI Project

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Search is big news and harnessing their capabilities is a key driver for any successful business. The thread that runs through the most successful AI-enabled search tools is effective data processing and getting your house in order is an essential step towards getting the best from AI technology.

What Kind Of Thing Is AI Used For?

AI is seen in many areas, from things like driverless cars and simulations to Intelligent Search, data analysis and the creation of long-term business strategies. AI allows businesses to make the most of well-curated data and to have future-focused insight and understanding. Long-term strategies become smarter, and responses to events become immediate and effective.


In the same way that our bodies run best when we fill them with great food, AI runs best when we fill it with great data. The GIGO – garbage in garbage out – principle is a simple way of describing this. Computers work on logic, and the quality of data received directly influences the quality of information produced.

What Does Proper Data Processing Look Like?

Proper data processing is organised, and this organisation happens by using the best data management software, from a team like Flare Solutions which has a proven track record in working with industry-specific data. Many large businesses have multiple, unconnected and disparate silos of  unstructured data, which will be of minimal use to AI systems without prior processing.

  • Data needs to be easy to find and access so that the most relevant information can be used to train the AI
  • Proper metadata tagging allows for easy categorisation
  • Intelligent systems like Sirus are built on industry-specific taxonomies allowing for targeted AI training, so the end result is more efficient and effective
  • Quality systems also facilitate the management and removal of duplicate data to enhance AI training and performance

Flare Solutions offers a sophisticated taxonomy based system, developed as a result of years of experience in the O&G industry. We’re an award-winning team with stacks of specialist knowledge and a deep understanding of just how vital proper data processing and information management is to ensure the technological advances and business improvement potential offered by AI is fully utilised by your business.

We can organise your data and streamline your processes, making your data easy to access, profoundly usable and above all palatable to the logic-driven framework that underpins every AI system. Our team offers top-level software along with top-level consulting to deliver a data and information processing system that is entirely tailored to meet the needs of your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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