Data And Information Management

Data And Information Management


One of the most valuable resources any business has access to is data. Data and information are both growing in volume and complexity on a daily basis. That means how you capture, manage, access, and secure data is becoming an increasingly important concern for many business owners.

What do you need to know about the importance of data management[1]?

What Is Data Management?

Enterprise data management is, quite simply, the ability of your business to efficiently and safely store and process data. This data can be anything from customer and employee details, to order , through to domain-specific and technical data.  This requires good governance.

Why Does Good Data Management Matter?

Effective data management is important for many reasons.

Data gives you the vital information you need to make key business decisions. By using lessons learned from previous decisions, you can make a more informed decision moving forward – it’s important you can find all the information you need at the right time. You need to know ‘what your organisation knows’ to make that decision – can you do that right now?

It helps ensure your business keeps up to date with changing data handling and reporting regulations. So it’s essential your business is able to optimise and alter the way you store and process data accordingly. In the event of an audit, investigation, or another official process, it’s also critical to be able to call up relevant data when required.

Then there’s the issue of productivity. Your employees need to use and process data constantly. If it’s difficult for them to do so, it puts an unnecessary roadblock in your working process and makes everything much slower than it needs to be.  As organisational culture changes, and expectations of systems and applications rises it is essential to provide an environment that automates where possible, and reduces frustration.  Without this, people can accept poor working practices and accept the pain, which leads to poor decisions or people will leave to work with organisations that are getting it right.  Good data management will lead to better decisions, reduced frustration and better value from your organisations data.

How Do You Improve Your Data Management?

Flare has efficient and effective data management solutions that can help.
Between the use of dedicated and specially designed software, and the input of experienced data management consultants, you’re able to tailor your setup based on your individual data management goals and objectives. The software has been designed to learn and grow with your business, meaning that as you begin to use it, the easier and faster indexing and archiving new data becomes.

Data management software considerably increases both your productivity and your efficiency, allows you to ensure regulatory compliance on an ongoing basis, and makes your whole approach to data management and retrieval that much simpler.

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[1] In Flare, data management means knowledge, information and data management

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