Three Reasons Enterprise Search Software Is The Key Ingredient To a Successful AI Project

Enterprise Search Software is Key Ingredient

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is flourishing in business and industry, with a global market growth of 54% year-on-year predicted over the next three years. In the energy sector, AI-enabled software offers many benefits, including the potential to reduce energy waste, slash costs, and accelerate the use of renewable energy sources. It also can be harnessed to improve the operation and control of power systems, thereby improving efficiency, reducing downtime, and achieving cost savings.

The importance of data management and search functionality in any AI project should not be underestimated, but selecting or using the wrong data could prove to be catastrophic.

How AI Success Depends On The Correct Data

In any Artificial Intelligence project, data plays a crucial role in achieving the desired outcomes. Selecting and using the right data will determine how the model will behave and, ultimately, influence the quality of the outcomes. Even designing algorithms depends on using the right data. In essence, choosing the wrong data risks the entire project being flawed from the beginning, a problem that is more likely to occur in confusing, data-rich environments or where data is stored across multiple silos where understanding of the data is limited.

How Enterprise Search Software Can Improve AI Project Success

If you’re planning an Artificial Intelligence project in the energy industry, why should you implement a sophisticated taxonomy-driven enterprise search solution, such as Sirus?  

  1. Sirus Improves Data Management

When setting up and implementing an AI project, data needs to be highly organised and easy to find. Without an efficient data management system, Artificial Intelligence will be unable to access the most relevant information, preventing it from learning. An enterprise search solution organises data using advanced metadata tagging, improving search capabilities and achieving higher levels of accuracy. In contrast, vast silos of unconnected information will be of little use to AI without intensive and time-consuming processing.  

  1. Sirus Facilitates Targeted Artificial Intelligence Training

When planning an AI project, it’s important that your business’s systems are designed for your industry to support the process. Sirus’ taxonomies provide a sophisticated and detailed knowledge map for the energy sector using advanced, industry-specific terminology. Robust machine learning capabilities are an essential ingredient in effective AI projects – but Artificial Intelligence can only be as good as the data. Therefore, implementing an enterprise search software solution will support machine learning and deliver more efficient and effective results.  

  1. Sirus Can Eliminate Confusing Duplicate Data

Duplicated data has a harmful impact on the quality of business data and operational success, and the problem is more likely where information is stored in multiple silos and accessed by different teams. Enterprise search software can improve the management of data in an energy business and facilitate the removal of duplicated information. This will improve AI training and performance and eliminate conflicts later which could prove to be time-consuming and troublesome to resolve.  

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