Lessons Learned powered by Intelligent Search

Lessons Learned powered by Intelligent Search

NASA define a Lesson Learned as “knowledge or understanding gained by experience”. It doesn’t matter if the experience is positive or negative, whether it was captured as part of a project or gained during business-as-usual process―the intent of a Lesson Learned is to provide a guiding hand to future business activities.

But in order to do that, you have to be able to find it.

Intelligent Search (a.k.a. Cognitive Search) is the solution to accessing corporate Lessons Learned. With its enterprise-level scalability, Intelligent Search is adept at extracting meaningful, contextual knowledge from data silos across your organisation and within the public domain.

In addition to its enterprise-wide information gathering capabilities, there are several other aspects to an Intelligent Search system that lend themselves to the surfacing of Lessons Learned:

Semantic Layer

As part of an Insight Engine, Intelligent Search is supported by a knowledge-rich suite of taxonomies, data dictionaries, alias and synonym look-up tables and reference databases called the Semantic Layer. This provides context to harvested knowledge and information, and ensures that Lessons Learned can be surfaced even if departmental or domain-specific language is used in the search query. Intelligent Search provides a true, multi-disciplinary experience when sharing Lessons Learned.

Recommendations and advanced results

The use of advance Natural and Technical Language Processing means that Intelligent Search is capable of understanding the intent of the query, rather than searching for keywords and phrases within the search term. Understanding the user’s intent means that the system can make valuable suggestions and recommendations that are related to the Lesson Learned in a meaningful way.


As Lessons Learned are typically produced via project work, they often reside in team-specific silos and their formats and contents can vary widely. As part of an Insight Engine, Intelligent Search utilises advanced, ML-powered connectors that are capable of addressing many different formats and extracting useful information to be indexed and contextualised at a later stage. This ensures that difficult-to-access data is not lost to the wider enterprise.

Flare’s Sirus platform is an AI-enabled Insight Engine providing Intelligent Search solutions.

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