Intelligent search for net zero energy transition

Intelligent search for net zero energy transition

Oil, gas and energy companies are heading into a period of Energy Transition where hydrocarbon use is beginning to decline and electricity generated from renewable sources is dramatically increasing. This is a monumental change for the industry that has for the last five decades seen a steady increase in demand for its traditional products. However, the energy industry still relies on extracting maximum value, insight and understanding from its data and information, regardless of its saleable products.

The bottom line is that the companies that extract the most value from their data and information will benefit more than those that do not. Extracting that value can be difficult, especially as information is often difficult to find, retrieve and use.

Intelligence Search delivers better search results based on relevancy and content analysis and provides results fast. Flare’s approach combines what you know, with the questions you ask, to find what you need – no matter where it is.

Intelligent Search is one component of an Insight Engine.



Manual search interfaces; free text searches, mining, GIS.
Automated integration with client and third-party tools/portals via API.
Intelligent ‘Help’ customer service apps.

Intelligent Search

Intelligent Search: 

AI/ML-powered search interpreter; Natural Language Processor (NLP), Technical Language Processor (TLP).
Industry Knowledge Base; taxonomies, ontologies, aliases, synonyms, stop words, dictionaries.
Master asset reference lists with relationships.  Contextual modelling and user modelling.
Performant indexes and databases.

Semantic Layer: 

AI/ML-powered content interpreter; Natural Language Processor (NLP), Technical language processor (TLP).
Industry Knowledge Base; taxonomies, ontologies, aliases, synonyms, stop words, dictionaries.
Master asset reference lists with relationships.  Contextual modelling.
Indexing and automatic classification technologies.

Data Connectors: 

File scanners and search tools.  Standard and industry-specific file readers.
OCR. Title, ToC and AI/ML-powered text analysis.

Enterprise Information:

Data, documents, presentations, hardcopy, e-mails and web-sites, etc.
Structured databases, unstructured information repositories.
Internal, external or public. Electronic or physical.

Table 1: The Components of an Insight Engine

These elements combine effectively to deliver Intelligent Search capabilities.  Users will benefit from easy access to information, improving overall business performance. This competitive advantage will ensure that companies will be able to run their operations based on all the available information to provide the right business insight, understanding and decision making.

Companies will also realise other benefits from Intelligent Search, including fewer data clean-up projects, surfacing and contextualising hidden data and improved innovation.

How Flare can help.

Flare’s Intelligent Search utilises over 20 years of past learning to provide the best outcomes and results for end users and companies. Flare’s holistic approach to Intelligent Search means that companies can utilise cost-effective technologies to provide greater value to their business and its decision makers.

Flare’s existing knowledge bases, comprising taxonomies, ontologies, and business dictionaries have recently been greatly expanded to include other key areas of the energy industry, including wind, tidal, solar, geothermal, biomass, hydrogen and supply infrastructure to enable the automatic and essential Technical Language Processing (TLP). This allows companies that have both hydrocarbon and renewable interests to utilise one system, seamlessly across their business segments.

Intelligent Search provides a cost effective and flexible approach to delivering knowledge to employees.

Flare Solutions, pioneering Intelligent Search in the Energy Industry