Streamline Document Management

Streamline Document Management

Information and records management services are crucial for any business and choosing the right provider for your company is key to ensuring effective and efficient operations.

What Is Information Management?

Information management is a way of organising all the information a company needs to run. Information needs to be easy to access, securely stored and properly curated so that teams can make informed and accurate decisions about process and projects.

Managed Records And Information

A records and information management specialist will offer an end-to-end service, from data collection through to storage, dissemination, archiving and disposal. A system such as Sirus means companies can be confident that each stage of the process is managed perfectly.

What Does Good Records Management Look Like?

1. Collection

A variety of sources are considered, including oral, written audio-visual and electronic. Collection is intelligent, and only acquires as much as is needed.

2. Storage

Storage of information enables key tasks such as historical analysis, adherence to legislation and options for future development. Elements such as access, audit and back up must all be part of effective information storage.

3. Dissemination

This crucial element requires an understanding of who can view the information. Questions around aspects such as format and frequency are considered, along with issues such as security.

4. Archiving

Archiving happens in accordance with policy. Effective classification and processes mean potential future retrieval is simple and efficient.

5. Destruction

Destruction is governed by practical elements, such as storage costs, and legislative requirements around elements such as data protection and privacy law.

5 Things To Look For When Choosing An Information Management Service

The best information management systems offer these key points:

  • Software and consulting function side by side – your business has the benefit of top-level, AI-based software and top-level human interaction.
  • Industry expertise – choose an information management service provider that understands the nuances of your business
  • Proven experience – the quality process is built from sound understanding, which comes from solid experience.
  • Highest levels of security – your data is one of your most valuable assets, so proven security is essential.
  • Bespoke product – information management needs a truly tailored approach. Choose a company that offers a customisable and modular product.
  • Sound support and aftercare – you need to know who you can rely on if something goes wrong

Choosing a company like Flare means you get each of these elements. Our track record is solid, and a quick read of a case study like this project in Houston shows the far-reaching positive impact that effective information can have.