Data Catalog

With today’s exponential growth in data volume and complexity, a data catalog is quickly becoming an essential platform for organizations that need to efficiently and securely extract maximum value from their information assets.

A recent Gartner report* says:

“Demand for data catalogs is soaring as organisations struggle to inventory distributed data assets to facilitate data monetisation and conform to regulations”

Flare’s Catalog technology has been in everyday use by professionals since 2004 providing secure, intelligent, self-service access to multiple repositories.

What is the Flare Catalog?

The Catalog provides a searchable glossary of data sources based on a comprehensive industry taxonomy. It organises data to facilitate intuitive and sophisticated data discovery with visibility into all relevant data sources – a single source of truth to underpin faster, more accurate analysis and support better decisions.

How does it work?

The Catalog uses artificial intelligence to interpret queries, rapidly interrogate metadata and then return meaningful results. It links a comprehensive business vocabulary to the underlying data to quickly and intuitively retrieve information from a wide variety of sources both in-house and external.

What are the benefits?

The catalog empowers people to fully exploit the enterprise’s data assets. A Google-like search improves efficiency, shrinks time-to-insight and reduces the risk of overlooking important information. New information sources can be easily added, visualisation or analytical applications quickly integrated, and the solution is scalable from a single field to a global enterprise.

You can leverage Flare’s catalog today to curate your information assets with a proven platform that supports a comprehensive and sustainable data management strategy

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