Four Reasons Why Enterprise Search Software Is Key to Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

Four Reasons Why Enterprise Search Software Is Key to Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

When businesses merge or are acquired, two sets of expertise, talent, and resources are unified under a single umbrella. Unfortunately, multiple silos of information may also be combined in the process and, while this has significant value to the new company and must be treated accordingly, and can be beneficial for employees and customers, a merger or acquisition can pose significant logistical and data management problems. Data may be stored in multiple silos and in different formats in the two businesses, with some content duplicated (e.g. if a customer does business with both originator companies and has separate entries on both CRM platforms), so proactive steps are necessary to combine data assets in a meaningful and orderly manner. Without a comprehensive information management solution, the success of a merger or acquisition could be put in jeopardy.

How Enterprise Search Software Can Support a Merger or Acquisition

Flare Solutions’ information management applications can ensure new information is assimilated smoothly and efficiently into your organisation after a merger or acquisition, with the following key factors facilitating the process:

1) An Effective Time-Saving Solution Large businesses often use several information management systems, including Microsoft Azure, Sharepoint, or Documentum. When companies are merged, data hosted on different platforms must be re-organised for easy search and access – a task that would take many hours to complete manually. An enterprise search solution, such as Sirus, can simplify and manage the task, saving considerable time for your employees.

2) Scalable To Meet Increased Demand As two businesses merge, the volume of information held on different platforms will increase significantly. Therefore, any information management solution must be scalable, able to manage growing data, volume, and speed. With end-users able to access data quickly, high levels of productivity will be achieved, without the information management system responding sluggishly to increased demand.

3) Adjustable To Facilitate Easy Data Access Comprehensive indexing is the key to fast and accurate data retrieval, which is especially important when businesses merge, as information will be stored in different locations and will, therefore, be more challenging to locate. Information management software eradicates the time-consuming data trawls of the past, giving employees rapid access to the documents they need using industry-specific taxonomies.

4) Enabling Informed Decision-Making When businesses merge, there are many important strategic decisions to be made to drive the new company forward and mitigate the inevitable ‘bumps in the road’. Business leaders are empowered by effective information management to make informed decisions quickly, as relevant data will be readily accessible whenever required, from platforms and data silos on both sides of the new business. Managers can draw upon a range of data sources for a more holistic and all-encompassing view.

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