find the right information at the right time

find the right information at the right time

Put simply, enterprise search software is a way to organise data. Organised data means smoother, more effective operations. Choosing enterprise search software such as Flare’s Sirus platform means great search results with the added value of industry-specific knowledge.

What Does Enterprise Search Software Do?

Enterprise search software allows internal and external data to be better accessed. Software that is designed to be industry-specific will leverage data dictionaries, reference databases and taxonomies to understand technical language. Data from multiple sources is easy to retrieve, and easy to access, whatever your point of view or touchpoint.

What Are The Top Five Benefits Of Enterprise Search?

1. Enhanced Decision Making

Easy access to all data means improved decision making. Information is gathered from actual data, rather than speculative concepts, so decisions can be made quickly and accurately at all levels.

2. Minimum Search Time, Maximum Productivity

Making sure data is easy to access means less time searching and more time using the data you find. Everything is at your fingertips, so productivity is improved. Choosing a top-quality enterprise search system means empowering employees to collaborate and engage in processes and use their time effectively to maximise productivity.

3. Long-Term Cost Benefits

The initial cost of selection and implementation of an enterprise search system can be a concern. Choosing a quality system and delivering quality training is key to making sure the initial outlay is rewarded by improvements such as those discussed above. Once the initial training period is complete, many companies find this type of search system really does reap significant fiscal benefits.

4. Improved Search Experience

It isn’t just the time wasted in trying to navigate poorly managed systems, but the frustration your employees feel when struggling to find the information they need to do their jobs. A well-deployed enterprise search solution vastly improves the working environment and enables your experts to extract the maximum value from your information assets.

5. Effective Management Of Mergers And Acquisitions

Many large companies use multiple information management systems, such as Sharepoint, Azure, or Documentum. To manage a merger of significantly sized corporations, this data needs to be easy to organise and access. Choosing a software platform like Sirus can save vast numbers of man-hours in complex multi-platform scenarios.

At Flare, we offer a scalable, ready to go solution. Our expertise is gleaned from years of experience in the energy industry, where we’ve delivered solutions for some of the biggest O&G companies in the world. If you’d like to discover more about the ways the best enterprise search software can streamline your business, just get in touch.