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Ensuring that business change is effective

We believe that the best results are achieved through sustained business change. Managing this change effectively is an essential element of any Information Management improvement initiative.

Information Management Compliance & Legislation

This area of Information Management is becoming ever more important as authorities require increased compliance and reporting. Many countries now have mandatory reporting and the need to understand the requirements and then track what has been submitted over time is essential. Flare can provide guidance on regulatory information requirements and entitlements and help you set up the governance, processes, structures and tools to achieve compliance.

Programme Management

Flare’s proven approach to IM programme management enables our clients to realise the full benefits of their IM programmes. Effective programme management means that deliverables are on time, on budget, and more importantly, that the business benefits are realised earlier.

Change Management

Effective change management is the key to successful information management. Changing the way that people work or perceive things is essential to realising benefits around new processes, new technologies or capabilities. Behavioural and cultural change is always difficult and adopting a tried and tested methodology can make the difference between success and failure. Flare has an effective Change Management Framework that establishes full governance, effective stakeholder management and early realisation of project value.