General Modules

Building knowledge from information

Flare’s E&P Business Modules provide particular functionality to meet E&P industry needs, but are customizable to support company-specific requirements. These web-based modules are interoperable via the Flare Taxonomies allowing an organization to utilise and share information more effectively. 



Enhanced knowledge retention and learning

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Lessons form an integral part of any organisation's ability to effectively learn from past experiences, both internal and external to the organisation. However lessons are not ‘learned’ until action has been taken. It is therefore important to have a robust approach for capturing and disseminating lessons so that improvements can be made. Flare’s Lessons module is designed to capture lessons and learning from past experiences and includes action tracking, approvals and lessons implementation

  • Centralised location where all lessons data is stored. Enables the capture of lessons at both a corporate (enterprise) level and project level
  • Flexible review and approval process depending on the origin of the lesson (whether within a project environment or at corporate level)
  • Identify and manage communication with individuals involved in the review and approval process including configuring notification workflows
  • Record implementation of the lesson and its subsequent close-out including assigning lesson owners
  • Lesson categorisation using metadata that is organisation specific, such as business segments, departments, project stages, etc.
  • Lesson search and retrieval
  • Impact assessment assignment for each lesson based on an organisation’s defined impact criteria
  • Tree map to visualise categories of lessons
  • Flexible deployment options within an organisation’s existing software architecture (e.g. SharePoint) or as a standalone system

  • Expands the corporate knowledge base – and improves decision making by incorporating past experience
  • Reduces risk and business impact - by avoiding sub-optimal approaches on future projects
  • Improves project delivery - cost and schedule by adopting proven approaches
  • Improves organisational efficiency - by propagating best practices, internal standards, guidelines and processes from lessons data

You can download our Lessons brochure here:
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Effectively record and track transmittals

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Flare’s Transmittal module has been developed to track the transmittal of information to and from an organisation: The system includes full audit tracking and provides the following functions:

  • Reception of a Delivery – Transmittal In
  • Transmittal generation
  • Transmittal dispatch
  • Transmittal Tracking
  • Transmittal special function
  • Administrative Tool Service
  • Reporting / Business Analysis
  • Workflow – Alert Service system

  • Transmittal Out – creates a listing of outgoing items and generates the transmittal docket
  • Transmittal In – loads a listing from incoming transmittals and logs them in the system to enable a complete view of records movement.
  • Transmittal life-cycle – manages the full transmittal life-cycle from generating a listing, compiling information, and sending, through to tracking certificates of receipt.
  • Compliance – capability allows transmittal requirements for processes to be predefined ensuring that reports are sent to the relevant parties upon completion, e.g. government and partner reporting.
  • Approval management – allows transmittals to be collated and an approval process initiated if required.
  • Alert management - facilities including user-defined notification, automatic alerts upon deadline violations and automatic e-mail generation.
  • Management Reporting – including graphical and text-based summary reports provide progress overviews of single or multiple transmittal events.
  • Security – allows only authorised users to create and view transmittals - others users can be granted read-only access.

  • All transmittals are auditable – proof of what was delivered to, or received from, who and when
  • Manage time critical deliverables with alerts

You can download our Transmittals Product Sheet:
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Risk Register

Risk Register

Flare’s Risk Register module provides a powerful, web-based, integrated platform to manage risk across multiple projects in one place.The Risk Register allows users to easily identify, assess, track and mitigate risks. The system makes risk information visible across the organisation, and is integrated with an actions tracking register to help users complete any actions arising from mitigation plans.

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Risk can be ranked on likelihood/probability and impact and a risk scoring determined for each risk

  • Project risks
  • Metrics and Dashboards
  • Corporate overview
  • Audit trail

  • Visible dashboard to share risks across multi-disciplinary teams and departments
  • Monitor risks and mitigation plans across multiple projects
  • Simple capture and assessment forms
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Develop and capture ‘risk profiles’ for project types, to deliver a quick-start risk assessment
  • Fully integrated with Flare’s Information Foundation
    • Links to actions, incidents, lessons and notifications and EDMS systems such as SharePoint, Documentum and Livelink
    • Enterprise-wide search

  • Efficient method for capturing risks across multiple projects
  • Improves risk control and mitigation
  • Provides audit trail of internal control

You can download our Risk register product sheet
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Actions Tracker

Actions Tracker

The ability to track actions for multiple projects, across portfolios and programs is a complex problem that few systems address well.

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Rather than focusing on a project-based approach, Flare has done things differently, creating a web-based, enterprise-wide Actions Register. This means that any user working on multiple projects can view their actions across multiple project, any manager wanting to obtain an overview of any or all projects can do so with ease, and multiple projects can use the same method to capture and disseminate actions with minimal training. Of course, you can focus a lens on any particular project and take a traditional view of actions for that project.

The Actions Register is also utilised by Flare’s Information Foundation as a method of capturing actions in context, linking to other elements of the system.

  • Easily raise, assign and prioritise actions
  • Define workflows to complete and close actions
  • View actions across multiple portfolios and projects
  • Focus a lens on project, team and individual actions and priorities
  • Integrate seamlessly with SharePoint and other EDMS systems
  • View actions via web browser, mobile and SharePoint interfaces
  • Fully integrated with Flare’s Information Foundation technology
    • Links with incidents, lessons, risks and notifications
    • Enterprise-wide search

  • Efficient method for capturing and tracking actions across multiple projects
  • Notifications ensure actions never get forgotten
  • Workflow ensures a level of assurance
  • Easy to balance workload between disparate teams and individuals

You can download our Actions Tracker product sheet
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Incident Tracker

Incident Register and Tracker

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Flare’s Incident Register is a web-based system to capture information about incidents and manage resulting lessons and actions through to closure of the incident. The incident register provides simple form and workflow driven notifications to make it easier for users to capture the required information and share it with the relevant teams and individuals in the organisation.

  • Easily capture relevant data on incidents
  • Automatically notify appropriate people through the notification system
  • Automatically generates notifications and reminders
  • Fully integrated with Flare’s Information Foundation technology
    • Links to actions, risk register, lessons and notifications and EDMS systems such as SharePoint, Documentum and Livelink
    • Enterprise-wide search

  • Efficient method for capturing incident across multiple projects
  • Actions notifications ensure that incident data and actions are completed
  • Feeds into Lessons learned to reduce the risk of a similar incident in the future

Download our Incident Register product sheet
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