Specialised Modules

Creating knowledge and understanding from information

Flare’s  Specialised  Business Modules provide functionality to meet  specific  E&P  industry  needs,  such  as,  exploration opportunities management,  regulatory compliance, emergency response and well information management.  These  modules  are  interoperable  via  the  Flare taxonomies allowing an organization to utilise and share information more effectively.

Opportunity Manager

Opportunity Manager

Track and manage exploration and evaluation opportunities

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Opportunity Manager allows companies to track, audit and analyse exploration and development opportunities throughout their lifecycle. Flare’s Opportunity Manager allows a company to build, manage and maintain a comprehensive record of opportunities and track them through the exploration and evaluation lifecycle. The system ensures visibility of key opportunities while maintaining rigorous security, manages risk capture and ranking, and provides auditable tracking of progression through stage gate processes.

The module allows companies to track opportunities, analyse risk, store associated documents and data and visualise opportunities on a map or summary table view. Configurable reporting and notification functionality is provided to enable accurate tracking

  • Opportunities can be tracked over time with full audit trail, ownership and risk register
  • Key documents and data views related to each opportunity can be easily captured and managed
  • Opportunities can be displayed on a map view or linked to your existing GIS system
  • Opportunities can be graded based on strategic fit, technical and commercial criteria,
  • The solution is highly customisable to cater for specific company requirements

  • Allows the business to track and manage opportunities in a secure, consistent and efficient manner
  • Helps formalize processes, roles and responsibilities
  • Reduces the overheads associated with traditional tracking and management of opportunities
  • Allows evaluation teams to quickly chart and assess key risk factors
  • Reduces the risk of losing opportunities and missing licence-related regulatory requirements and obligations
  • Allows teams to quickly and consistently chart and assess key risk factors
  • Highlights low and high risk opportunities and facilitates high-grading
  • Tracks opportunities through the stage gate process and manages associated documentation for immediate reference or future lookback
  • Configurable security ensures that only authorized individuals have access to opportunity data and documents

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Monitor and measure compliance with policies, procedures and regulations

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Compliance with policies and procedures can be a significant challenge for E&P organisations. The need to handle internal policy, industry best practise and government regulations creates a challenging environment in which to define and maintain multiple compliance requirements and effectively track adherence.
Flare’s compliance module utilises a combination of the Information Foundation modules to deliver a solution in which compliance can be easily defined and accurately tracked. Requirements are defined in a best-practise process that identifies the deliverables required for compliance together with links to the appropriate internal or external policy, procedures or regulations. Once a deliverable has been created, its delivery is tracked, links are maintained and audit trail of compliance is created.

  • Creates best practise compliance definitions
  • Tracks deliverables against the relevant policies, procedures and regulations
  • Publishes documents to their relevant EDMS e.g. SharePoint, Documentum and Livelink - complete with metadata to aid future search and retrieval
  • Creates an audit trail
  • Provides dashboard views and metrics across multiple projects
  • Sends automatic notifications, reminders and alarms
  • Fully integrated with Flare’s Information Foundation - Links to Search, Actions, Risk Register, Lessons and Notifications

  • Makes compliance requirements readily visible within the organisation to make it easier for teams to comply
  • Reduces time to project start by leveraging best practise compliance processes for projects
  • Allows the compliance status of multiple projects to be quickly and easily determined
  • Provides a robust audit trail of what was created and submitted

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Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Fast access to essential information when you need it

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The Flare Emergency Response module provides direct access to the critical data and information items that you rely on during an emergency situation. Facility emergencies require quick access to correct, current information so that effective remedial action can be taken in the shortest possible time. Flare have developed a cross-functional solution that addresses the need to access critical facility information immediately an emergency situation arises. It allows authorised users to quickly locate and access the 20-30 key data and information items that would be required in an emergency situation.

  • Dashboard displaying 20-30 critical information items shows information availability, current status & ownership with immediate links to verified information
  • Filter facility to allow users to interrogate response information for specific assets or groups of assets
  • Ownership of response information clearly defined to ensure currency
  • Cross functional approach that integrates information from a number of domains and functions
  • Completely configurable to meet individual clients’ specifications and requirements
  • Fully backed-up and available 24/7/365
  • Accessible from desktop or mobile devices for immediate response outside of office hours
  • Processes and procedures to ensure compliance and availability

  • Allows immediate access to key data and information in the event of an emergency situation
  • Provides an intuitive portal for accessing key data and information outside of emergency situations
  • Allows the Information Management team to track compliance and data quality
  • Facilitates cross functional team collaboration, using the same information to tackle the emergency with a connected and coordinated response
  • Allows partners to collaborate and access the same information items during emergency situations

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Find well data and information within seconds

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Flare’s Wellfile has been developed to provide E&P professionals with an effective common access mechanism for publishing, managing and retrieving well-related documents, data and knowledge. The module provides:

  • Access to data and information irrespective of source content location,
  • Graphical displays (e.g. Tree-maps) for information overview
  • Multi-well metrics for assuring completeness
  • A flexible storage and retrieval mechanism for well related information,
  • Coverage for multiple disciplines, e.g. well engineering, geology, petrophysics, operations,
  • Ability to prescribe and track required content, as well as personalise the structure to meet team and individual needs,
  • Unique search capabilities to pinpoint information when required

  • Single Point of Access - providing a single consistent interface to all key wellfile information regardless of the underlying source - Links with existing systems such as EDMSs, well databases, library tools, hardcopy files and physical stores (e.g. core samples)
  • Intuitive Interface - allows users to make plain-language searches to find specific items or apply saved-searches to view individual and discipline-specific ‘virtual well files’, coupled with innovative and informative visualisations.
  • Enhanced Publishing - facilitates the publishing of wellfile information items together with the essential metadata needed to ensure they can be correctly identified and easily retrieved. Supports automated publishing from Wellfile
  • Contextual Searching – helps people to find relevant well information using a ‘knowledgeable peer’

  • Delivers a step-change in efficiency by reducing time spent searching for wellfile information
  • Promotes information completeness by showing what information is available, what is missing and what was not created
  • Allows Personalised browsing and searching for information across multiple systems through a single interface
  • Improves cross-team, departmental and geographical sharing of well information
  • Makes it easy to create custom individual and shared views (virtual wellfiles)
  • Allows users to add key remarks about information or processes to capture usage, quality or rationale, and add to the ‘story’ about the information

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