Flare Search

One query to search multiple sources

The Flare Sirus allows a seamless Intelligent Search to be performed across multiple information sources such as SharePoint instances, Livelink, secure drives or external web sites from a single query. Using a common index, all results are returned in a single window and ranked by relevance.

Incorporating a sophisticated industry knowledge base

Intelligent Search exploits the Flare Taxonomies, a sophisticated oil and gas knowledge base that understands industry terminology, to return all relevant results with better precision than traditional search approaches. Utilizing the power of the Flare Taxonomies, Intelligent Search will also identify related information, and allow rapid refinement of results via drill-down.

Designed for oil and gas professionals

Industry surveys indicate that people spend as much as 40% of their time looking for information and are often frustrated by the experience when using generic search tools. Flare’s search approach has been designed by E&P professionals for E&P professionals to make searching faster, easier and more productive.

Key Features

  • Extensive recall (e.g. understands Jurassic is a period within the Mesozoic, Bathonian is a stage of Middle Jurassic)
  • Precision (e.g. understands the difference between 'Tertiary' referring to a geologic period and tertiary recovery as a production process)
  • Result ranking (e.g. understands ‘play map’ is a common industry term, and ranks documents specifically categorized as play maps higher than documents that include those individual terms within the title or text)
  • Automatically generates industry search refiners following a search (e.g. results from a search for ‘core analysis in Greenland’ can be further refined by selecting from a list of relevant basins, fields and wells)
  • Secondary search capability allows tight searches to be easily expanded and ancillary information to be identified. (e.g. relevant conference proceedings or lessons learned from a previous project)
  • Accepts incorrect spellings and typos (e.g. Baken, Baaken, Bakken), aliases (e.g. Well log, Wireline log, Downhole log) and format variations (e.g. well 121-3, 121_3, 121/3)
  • The saved-search feature allows common queries to be saved and repeated (e.g. daily drilling reports for wells, 121-3, 121-4 & 121-5). Saved queries can be shared with colleagues or used to create a personal pseudo folder structure.


  • Fast and easy to use – no need to search multiple times across different sources
  • Greater recall – find all available information, internal or external, with a single query
  • Flexible precision – search as precisely or as broadly as needed
  • Ranked results – view the most relevant items first