Flare and SharePoint

Connecting the business with its Information

Flare and SharePoint

The Flare Sirus suite solves many common information management problems. It delivers tools that include a web-based index over multiple repositories, sophisticated oil and gas taxonomies (or knowledge bases), content tracking, and a best-in-class content tagging approach to simplify the publishing process (the act of sharing) along with the option to migrate content between repositories.

Flare Sirus offers three approaches to augment and integrate with SharePoint:

  • The loose integration model uses the Flare Cortex API and web-services to auto-categorise content based on Flare’s Taxonomies.
  • The hybrid integration approach offers the flexibility of using the underlying SharePoint libraries with installation of Flare SharePoint apps to improve the user tagging experience. Search is carried out using SharePoint or other enterprise search solutions.
  • Tight integration offers the simplest approach to using SharePoint, combining folder structures with a Flare-provided SharePoint document library app. This provides a controlled and consistent user experience including a highly performant search index which can operate over multiple repositories.

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Flare Catalog Suite


All three deployment options for the Flare suite can be delivered either in the cloud or on premise.