Publish, search and retrieve information from multiple sources

Flare Catalog

The Catalog allows many sources of information to be accessed from a single portal. It uses a common set of metadata and valid values from the Flare Taxonomies to describe each information item, whether that item is a document held within a document repository, a database view in an application, or a physical item such as a core sample held in a storage facility.

By providing a single place to search based on common taxonomies and a rich set of valid values the Catalog supports the way that E&P professionals want to interact with their information. It offers an automated, intelligent environment in which users can publish and retrieve information efficiently, accurately and consistently without needing to understand the underlying systems and their information structures.

As E&P companies and service organisations adapt to the emerging information-centric business environment, it is essential to optimise the way that intellectual capital is managed. The Catalog provides organisations with a unique, effective way to develop, preserve and exploit these critical business assets.

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  • Provides a step-change in efficiency by reducing the time users spend looking for and collating information
  • Reduces risk by leveraging organisational knowledge
  • Manages corporate compliance and regulatory obligations
  • Improves cross-team, departmental and geographical sharing of information
  • Exploits the intellectual capital of the whole organisation
  • Incorporates robust, industry-specific taxonomies that reflects the way the E&P business works
  • Provides links between the metadata model and underlying repositories without modifying source systems
  • Delivers rapid augmentation of functionality across existing repositories (e.g. Document Management and Data Systems), while minimising expensive customisation and set up
  • Deploys a security system which integrates with the existing set-up. It allows separately controlled access to metadata and information content as well as contextual entitlements

  • Search - and browse for information across multiple systems through a single interface
  • Visualise - information in different ways including tree maps, Gantt charts, tabular views and timelines
  • Publish - information efficiently and consistently using the Catalog’s built-in templates and workflows. Automatically populate attributes based on thousands of pre-defined E&P relationships.
  • Measure - performance using IM Metrics, Quality, Completeness, Correctness
  • Order - information and request services such as scanning or reformatting through the interface

You can download our Catalog brochure here:
Catalog Product Sheet