Flare Sirus

Connecting your business with its Information

Founded on our ‘integrated business information’ vison, Flare has developed a modular suite of IM tools. These provide IM functionality for search, tracking, taxonomy management and automated classification as well as a number of additional integrated applications. Based on a common set of IM design principles and architecture, Sirus and the supporting modules can be configured to address particular business requirements, and solve many information management problems.

All modules are web-enabled and support web services that allow other systems to integrate with Flare tools, exposing lists, taxa, functions or requesting automatic classification. Robust, but flexible security is built into the modules and is customisable.

We offer three types of modules:

  • The Sirus Modules are Taxonomies, Cortex, Index and Tracker.  These modules provide core IM elements such as auto-classification, search & retrieval, taxonomy, and process tracking
  • Our General Modules work with the Catalog to address key industry-wide issues such as actions tracking, risk registration, lessons, or incident tracking.
  • Our Specialised Modules address specific industry requirements, such as Emergency Response, Well Data Management, Compliance, or Opportunity Screening. All modules utilise the Catalog suite to deliver seamlessly integrated solutions.

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Flare Technology Overview

Flare Sirus

The Sirus suite consists of four modules specially designed to make E&P information easy to find, retrieve and use.

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