Regulatory Information Management Workshop

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The client, a regional oil and gas regulatory agency, was in process of reviewing its mandate and operations model. Flare was engaged to develop and deliver a half-day workshop on regulatory information management for senior staff. The objective was to identify and explore opportunities and options for improving service to the industry and other stakeholders […]

Technical Information Improvement Initiative

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Project Description/Issue A Canadian company with E&P operations in Canada, the United States, Europe and the Middle East had recognised a number of business challenges that were the result of poor information management (IM). Following an internal IM assessment exercise to identify problems and issues, Flare was engaged to develop an improvement plan including an […]

Document management standards and implementation

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Building an ongoing consulting relationship Project Description/Issue The client is a mid-tier global E&P company, with a valuable production-sharing agreement for production from a large, complex offshore asset in the Middle East. In response to pressure from the national regulator, the client had a need to define requirements for a local Document Solution. Flare proposed […]

Operations and production reporting

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Operations and Production Reporting, IM Consulting Project Description/Issue As part of an internal improvement program the client wanted to improve operations and production reporting practises throughout the organisation. The engagement looked at the policies, procedures and system requirements across the organisation, engaging with the multi-disciplinary team including senior management, reservoir engineering, production, petroleum engineering and […]

Taxonomy development and classification

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Taxonomy Development & Auto-classification Project Description/Issue A large organisation that specialises in managing and making available thousands of journals, conference papers and technical papers required its content to be mapped to a new specialised taxonomy. The taxonomy was complex in nature and undertaking this task manual wasn’t an option due to the number of records. […]

Well log naming standards

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Practical Well-log Standards (PWLS) The well logging companies produce a huge number of measurements (logging curves) with company-specific names and mnemonics. What was required was a way to prioritise and standardise these curves by classifying the physical properties they were measuring. This was the PWLS concept of ‘standard curve types’. Flare’s Approach Working with POSC […]

Fluid data policy and workflows

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Reservoir fluids data management As part of a three year long programme of initiatives aimed at improving the subsurface data management within the business unit, a team worked on improving the quality, reliability and accessibility of reservoir fluids data. The policies and workflows generated by the project team were then adopted by headquarters for use […]

Subsurface standards development and implementation

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Standards Development & Implementation Project Description/Issue A large sized gas company had data and information quality issues that originated from poor management of the data, no ownership and low levels of business involvement which resulting in poor quality data. As such, the company wanted to create a consistent and managed approach to Information Management for […]