Drilling management system

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Drilling Management System

Project Description/Issue

The client, an independent exploration and production company, based in Scotland, required a solution to manage the process of drilling wells that leveraged company best practise, external industry best practise and adhered to local government regulatory requirements. The solution would support improved well integrity through appropriate design, supervision and control of well delivery.

Flare’s Approach

Flare worked with the client to develop the best practise for well delivery in the organisation. This included on-site workshops and discussions to define the dell delivery process, the deliverables required in the form of a stage gate process, and how company policy, standards including ISO and API standards, and relevant legislation was linked to the deliverables.

The solution provided a web-based interface to the DMS (Drilling Management System), from which the management team could see the status of each well being drilled, as well as view an audit trail of drilled wells and their compliance with the process.

The system also utilised components of Flare’s IM Foundation layer so that published documents inherit metadata on publication for future ease of discovery, users receive reminder notifications for deliverables, and dashboards of progress were available. The system could also be deployed on stand-alone laptops so that rigs with poor communications could also utilise the system.


Easy to develop and maintain best practise for the Drilling Management System.

Provides a step change improvement in managing well delivery

Provides a step change improvement in complying with internal and external policies and regulations