Subsurface standards development and implementation

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Standards Development & Implementation

Project Description/Issue

A large sized gas company had data and information quality issues that originated from poor management of the data, no ownership and low levels of business involvement which resulting in poor quality data. As such, the company wanted to create a consistent and managed approach to Information Management for many of its most common subsurface data types.

Flareā€™s Approach

Flare designed, developed and implemented a set of standards for 20 different data types. They were designed in conjunction with the business and included cut best practices already used at the company and industry best practice. The resulting standards included sections on ownership, QC, metadata, dataflows and data deliverables. Once approved, they became mandatory standards, with a governance framework that ensured asset teams had to adhere to the standards.

Implementation of the standards was completed in a phased manner and included all members of a particular team from the technical assistant to the senior manager. Training and awareness sessions were run and a monitoring service was put in place to monitor adherence, data quality and realised benefits.


Within two months of implementation, the company started to realise benefits from the initiative, including:

  • Better data quality results, especially concerning consistency of the data, how it is managed, where it is stored and who is responsible for it. Consistency between that main corporate datastore and the applications used in subsurface increased dramatically.
  • People in the asset teams held a better understanding for why information management is important to the success of the business and as such are much more likely to participate and contribute to IM improvements
  • The partnership and relationship between the Information Management team and subsurface users became stronger and the trust gained from the project continues to develop in other projects.