Connecting your Organisation with its Information

Information Management (IM) for the E&P industry


We provide Information Management consultancy, services and software solutions to the upstream industry, including oil and gas companies, from super-majors to small independents, service providers, regulators and government agencies. We provide trusted Information Management (IM) advice, services and tools that help our clients achieve business goals through more effective management of their information

Consulting and Services

Since 1998, we have been developing the Flare IM Framework, a proven and effective IM improvement methodology and associated services, founded on industry best practice and supported by our ‘connected business information’ vision. It considers all aspects of E&P IM, from the architecture, people, governance and processes to the work products, technologies and metrics.

Flare also provides support for operational activities using our own or third party technologies. This end-to-end, industry-specific approach has delivered significant, measurable benefits to Flare’s clients and has contributed to Flare’s reputation as a world leader in E&P information management.

Software Solutions

Flare offers a modular suite of tools based on a common set of IM design principles. The Information Foundation addresses the core IM requirements of the E&P industry with modules for search, process tracking, and automated classification that work with the comprehensive and proven Flare Taxonomies. We also provide a number of specialized tools and custom interfaces that work with the Information Foundation to address particular business needs.


Why Flare?

Flare brings in-depth E&P understanding as well as world-class IM expertise. We help you build on what you already have while promoting industry best-practice and integrating technologies and services from multiple vendors.

  • We work with your E&P teams and IM professionals to connect your organisation to its information and extract maximum business value
  • We help you achieve your business objectives through better Information Management
  • We have earned a reputation for world-class industry expertise and technology innovation
  • We help you to build on what you already have - our independence allows us to integrate multiple vendors, technologies and services
  • We have a track record of delivering successful projects across the E&P value chain since 1998